Individualized Speaking and Singing Voice Rehabilitation:

Occassionally a singer or professional voice user (actor, lawyer, teacher, minister, etc) finds themselves in trouble vocally. This is a very scary time.  As a singer and actor, I understand this and devote my practice to treating voice disorders/injuries in the professional voice user, particularly the injured singing voice. I will work with you and get you back performing if you get into trouble.

There are many situations that can result in the need for singing voice rehabilitation. Only a board certified *laryngologist should make a diagnosis for a professional voice user.  As a Denver, CO based company, the laryngologists we recommend in the Denver, CO area include: 

Dr. David Opperman at Colorado Voice Clinic, 303-844-3000
Drs. Mona M. Abaza  and Matthew S. Clary at the University of Colorado Hospital, 720-848-2820
Dr. J Michael King at Peak Voice Center, 720-401-2139.

Common Diagnoses treated here at VoxBoxRx:

  • Muscle Tension Dysphonia (MTD)
  • Superior Laryngeal Nerve paresis/paralysis 

  • Vocal Fold Hemorrhage

  • Benign Vocal Fold Lesions (nodules, polyps, cysts)

  • Pre-and Post-phonosurgical care

  • ​General Care of the Professional Voice

I do not participate with any insurance plans, but I can provide you with a medical receipt for reimbursement out of network or to apply to your HSA. 

Evaluation fee is $150, Voice Rx is $100/hr