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Vocal Essentials was founded by Kate A. Emerich, B.M., M.S., CCC-SLP in 2004. Kate is a Voice Pathologist, Vocologist, Voice Researcher and Singing Voice Specialist/Vocal Instructor. She has worked extensively with healthy and injured voices since 1993, specializing in the care of the injured speaking and singing voice.

She completed a degree in vocal performance before completing her master's degree in communicative disorders at the University of Wisconsin - Madison, and continues to sing professionally. She spent 1993-98 working with Drs. Robert T. Sataloff, Joseph R. Spiegel, and Karen M. Lyons in Philadelphia in a world renowned private practice specializing in care of the professional voice.

Following her extensive clinical training in Philadelphia, Kate spent the next 6 years working as Principal Vocologist and Human Subjects Coordinator under the direction of Ingo R. Titze, Ph.D. at the National Center for Voice and Speech.  It was during that time that many of the principles of her therapy techniques were honed, thanks to the brilliance of her cohorts Drs. Ingo R. Titze, Brad Story, Ingo Titze, Jan Svec, and Eric Hunter, as well as her clinical fellow Jennifer Spielman, M.A., CCC-SLP.  Many hours of collaboration and brain-picking took place while conducting amazing voice research and world-class clinical care.

Kate was part of the prestigious Voice Faculty at the University of Denver, Lamont School of Music from 2006-2013.  During this time, Kate was brought on as Voice Faculty for the International Lyric Academy of Opera in Viterbo, Italy.  She retired from DU in June of 2013 to spend half the year teaching and half the year traveling and doing research/writing.  

Kate has published numerous articles regarding voice and singing voice issues and lectures frequently to young singers on the care of the voice and prevention of voice problems. She is an internationally recognized clinician in the area of voice disorders.  Her specialty is non-traditional approaches in treating voice disorders, the rehabilitation of injured singers, and pelvic floor support for phonation.

Feel free to contact Kate Emerich directly at kate@vocalessentials.com for copies of her articles or any questions you may have.

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