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We at Vocal Essentials feel that dissemination of information on care of the voice and voice disorders helps significantly in prevention/understanding of future voice problems. Book a workshop for your choral group, school or organization. 

Kate is available to teach workshops on several topics:

  • Vocal Health & Aging
  • Non-traditional approaches to voice training
  • Care of the Singing Voice
  • Common Voice Disorders
  • Vocal Parts & Function
  • Inhalation Phonation Techniques
  • Straw Phonation Techniques
  • Pelvic Floor Muscle Training
  • Acting the Song

A personalized voice training protocol will be designed to optimize your singing voice and bring out your true sound with optimal efficiency while staying true to the genre of music you perform.


​Vocal Essentials provides singing instruction, voice evaluation and therapy for singers and speakers and vocal enhancement for the professional speaker. Our mission is to be the leading source of training and care for the singing and speaking voice, as well as serve as a resource on issues such as vocal health, education and pedagogy. Caring for the voice is an essential part of speaking and singing.  Visit the Resources area for more information on vocal health, as well as articles and links to other resources.


Individualized vocal rehabilitation exercises are created based on your specific diagnosis and vocal issues allowing an optimal environment for healing and getting your voice back.